Doll Wipe Packet, including 3 wipes - Rainbow {When Bailey met Arnie Collab}

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Doll Wipe Packet, including 3 wipes - Rainbow {When Bailey met Arnie Collab}


The most fun I ever have with toys, and dolls in particular, is when I’m playing with a child and  there are options and different things that they can do with the available pieces.  Every child will choose a different combo, a different way to use things and a different look because that’s how it should be!!  We are all different, we think differently and like different things 🥰

My separates collection was created especially for this purpose, to spark imagination, evoke thoughts and provide hours of play for you and your family.



Suitable for ages 3 and up.

Please supervise children when playing with clothes.


Does your little one love playing with their Dolly? Do you find they are using all of your wipes? Our Dolly wipe pack's are the perfect accessorie for your little one!

Available in a variety of different patterns each listed separately. 

These pack's include 1x wipe packet and 3x wipes

Measuring approx 13cm x 10cm 

Items are ready to post and limited edition so once they are sold they are gone.  Ensure you get in quick for your favourites and don’t miss out.

This item is handmade by the AMAZING Jess at when Bailey met Arnie, she specialises in finer detail dolls clothing, hand embroidered items and check out her Christmas pieces right now for some serious keepsakes!!  I love finding new pieces for you all to buy from EJD, I hope you love them as much as I do.



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